A Different Method To Become 40lbs Lighter

A Different Way to Be 40lbs lighter

Do you want to lose those extra pounds?

Yes, of course, you would prefer to be thinner, fit and healthy..

And like me no doubt you’ve dieted and been successful and then the chips and curry arrive and again and again and in no time what took months to shift is all back and more and so you cycle through the lose, gain, lose, gain, gain, lose, gain and now your multiple pounds over the ideal…

I want to serve you a spinning curveball – An ACE….

Stop dieting and change you MIND!

Someone said the other day that once the mind is calm and at peace, it is amazing how many pounds just shift themselves.

Now if I've lost you so be it if you are still here let me explain.

As I said I'd dieted and gained over and over and was now 110KG ( new scales only show Kilo's, right pain, and that's how it is in UK now !! - its 242lb or 17.3 Stones ).

I joined a study community to learn internet marketing and part of it was about mindset, and to cut a long story short I meet two brothers, Guy and Ilan Ferdman who run SatoriPrime, both fit, buff and good looking :).

And I joined one of their mindset courses and before you know it I was reading more, watching less TV, exercising easily, start meditation ( I know I thought hippy too!) and started to understand diet more and over the next few years I've shifted the weight of disappointment, lack of self-worth and ultimately over 40lbs of body weight.

I'm still losing weight and love Juicing ( I know I thought it taste like Sh*t too until I tried it - imagine a 'McSomething thick milkshake - and healthy and tastier and you have it - on 'most' of the juices, yes some do still get my Argh reaction too ).

So, how does this help you?

Guy and Ilan have super fit bodies and they do that with an awesome morning routine, I'd like to introduce you to that, I follow it now too and it ROCKS!.

Guy Ferdman looks Buff!
Guy Ferdman looks Buff!


Here is Guy, looks buff πŸ™‚

I'm heading for that look, watch this space.

So to grab you Prime Your Day Morning routine click this link and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt and you too will soon be lighter ...

Good Luck

Let me know your results

Much Love

Kev xx