Can We ‘Have It All’?

I WANT IT ALL - Coach Kevin Humphrey

Chances are you will be familiar with the expression, ‘Having it all.’ It’s rather an overused phrase to describe the push and pull of family life and the pursuit of “work vs life balance.”.

Can you really have it all?

It is a question that incites a lot of debate.

When I first heard that I could “Have IT All’, I thought, ‘no way’, something always suffers. Family life for work, health for work etc.

As I contemplated what it meant to me some more, I discovered that it’s not about achieving the balance between career and family life. It’s about how you feel within yourself. It’s less about what you do and more about how you feel about and while doing it. For me, a sense of Freedom, Joy, Happiness, and Purpose are the drivers in my life.

I don’t know anyone who feels they have struck the perfect balance in life, without effort minute by minute.

Be mindful of what makes you happy, and consciously go out there and embrace it. Remove all your “should’s” from your internal dialogue, for example:

I should be fitter, I should be staying at home with the kids; I should be married, I should work more, I should earn more,…

These are not useful.

Rather than asking myself if I have the perfect life balance, which remains elusive to most people, I ask myself these questions:

Am I happy with my current life and the choices I have made?
Am I living free of internal conflict?
Are my energies being directed towards things I Love?
Am I looking after my mind and my body?

Am I living a life that attains my values and priorities?
Do I feel Joy & Happiness with what I am doing at this time in my life?
Does my life have meaning and purpose?

I do check in with myself and assess if an area of my life needs a little more nourishing. I notice that my list is continuously changing and that is the beauty of life. You don’t have to subscribe to just one way of living for your entire life.

Everything is in motion and everything rises up and changes, and you can create that change in your life. Each day is a chance to start afresh.

You Can Have It All as a 10 out of 10 in your life, you just need to choose to have it.

The areas of life you might consider are:

Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Your Legacy – contribution you make to family & society, Wealth, Energy & Your Growth.

Who Do You Want To Be?

Think limitless, the impossible is more achievable than you think…

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