I’ve escaped the 9-5 and the greatest thing I’ve noticed…


I’ve escaped the 9-5 and the greatest thing I’ve noticed is the lack of a commute has had an amazing impact on my life, I now have time for a chat with my wife in the morning and in fact we now go for a walk as soon as we wake up and are attempting to cover 20,000 steps a day with a few walks, to get fit and be healthier.

Of course, there are lots of other benefits, I love shopping when it is quiet and stopping and starting work when I choose, rather than the boss.

I know it’s scary to jump into a new way of life, It’s taken me since August 2014 to finally get to this stage. It is hard work and yet because it is for me and my wife and not putting money into some else’s pockets, it is more fun than hard work πŸ™‚

I truly want you to have the same feelings of joy and freedom I have each morning, not having to commute to a job I don’t want to be doing.

The course that got me started is FREE to start, yes it costs if you choose to continue, nothing FREE will show you it all.

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Much Love