It’s a Monday, the rest of the working world is waking to the start of the week, wishing the week away, hoping the next weekend comes around quickly, dreading the long commute to the boss they really hope is off today.

I awake at 6 a.m., to the sunrise feeling fully refreshed having slept well in our large comfy bed with soft Egyptian sheets.

I awake and hear the cat purring at my feet and can just hear the whicker of the horses in their stables awaiting breakfast time.

I take a moment to be appreciative of my circumstances and imagine a great day ahead, I then spring out of bed, Kiss Emma my beautiful wife good morning.

I put on my soft wool dressing gown, slip on my comfy slippers and go to feed the cats, dogs, (might need my Wellington boots at this point) chickens, pigs, rare breeds, horses, their breakfast and return to Emma ( boots off of course I don’t want to mess up the lovely deep carpet with mud) with a cuppa tea (Yorkshire of course).

Maybe some Early morning delight!

Then Go muck out the Gg’s ( horses) and go for a horse ride along the beach/trail with Emma, discussing the day ahead.

I Return and read emails and arrange calls, visits, flights and hotels for following days conferences and training days.

I Work using the latest technology, be it google glasses/ phone/ tablet/ laptop/ wearable technology (watch) or a combination of.

I create my next money maker and set on autopilot, just to be alerted when I need to communicate in person, where feasible I walk the dogs and work at the same time ( voice dictation works wonders).

I Help newbies ( I dislike that word, make it students) in the training scheme(s) to get to the self-sufficient state I’m in.

I have a Lunch date in the garden with Emma and enjoy the sunshine and eat fresh vegetables from our garden supply.

I have an Afternoon of leisure, maybe take a spin in the car to the mountains/beach to get some clear air or watch the latest dressage prodigies practising in our sand arena or help the RDA (riding for disabled ) group who are using our arena.

Back from my drive I update all the social media sites, answer emails that needed full attention.

In the Evening some calls and maybe a webinar before cooking a BBQ on the patio while watching the sunset with family (Brother, Sister, Mum & Dad, Niece and Nephews) and friends, drink juice/wine from own supply from the orchards/vineyards.

Watch a late film in the TV/Media room, and relax before going to tuck all the animals into bed, stop and wonder at the world while listening to the horses swishing their tails to beat off the fireflies while munching their hay, all content from a hard days grazing.

I Sleep like I have no worries ready to repeat the amazing experience of life.