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Hazelnut Interviews with Satya Gillen & Kevin Humphrey

Entrepreneur – Founder Shares His Wisdom

I found this interview of me out today, it was my first ‘attempt’ at breaking free from the coporate world of Information Technology and my first time out in the big wide world on my own, no boss, no one telling me what to do.

I can tell you it felt amazing to be so free.

Have a listen:

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Of course reality did bite back and I returned to the world of Computers as a Test Manager and then recently in 2018 I’ve escaped again, this time not to be an Internet Whizz, this time as a Have It All Coach πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed, I’ll find out a more recent one where Guy Ferdman of SatoriPrime interviewed / chatted with me on camera.




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