Energy Clearing Meditation

Sometimes in life, actually more often nowadays, or am I more in tune to seeing it?, I find life flows and it’s perfect and complete – synchronicities occur.

Such a moment occurred this week, a friend from a coaching course we attended contacted me and I reminded her of a ‘reunion’ call, which she attended and glowed her magnificence on.

However back to the story πŸ™‚

We caught up and had a few laptop issues, the sound went, then connection tried Facebook instead of Zoom and then eventually got onto another laptop and zoom call and continued, after 90 minutes of catching up my friend Wyndi offered an energy clearing meditation.


I summarise here:

We started with me having in mind something, where I thought it needed something to shift.

I had in mind the house sale, as it fell through 4 days from completion last year and it’s on sale again, and we’ve had some issue around renters allowing access, which had caused some concern and it’s sale ‘feels’ like it is holding our lives up….

So the meditation, guided by Wyndi, started with that thought held in my mind and then a breathing exercise, then imagining a light 300 ft above my head, that light flowing into my head and slowly throughout my entire body, limb by limb, and then down into the centre of the planet into the molten core.

As it went to the centre of the planet I was to imagine the concerns I had, to be taken with it and left there, and that Love flowed back up and filled my body.

I then was to imagine that Love flowing up to me to my heart then out from me to the area around me, and then the village, then the country and the continent and then the world and whole planet.

I was then to imagine that concern being attach to me and I was to imagine a pair of scissors that could cut that attachment.

I had a beautiful image in my mind’s eye of a multi-layered steel cable, that was molten like flowing lava, attached to the left side of my heart.

As Wyndi instructed me, my body temperature rose and my palms become very wet and my body sweated under the imagined heat of the core and molten steel cable flowing to my heart.

I took the strong cable cutting scissors and strand by strand slowly cut the molten steel bonds to my heart, it made my heart hurt, yet I did each stand until almost all were gone, a few stubborn ones remained, yet the grip was less and it feels now like they let go.

I spoke the mantra: Numerous times….




At the end of the cutting away, I felt an overall feeling of peace and I understood the feeling to be a total loss of ‘Anger’…

As I sat and thought about the ‘Anger’, I realised all the places I had stored the anger in my body, rather than letting it pass and rise from me.

I’m AFRAID of Anger and the consequences of losing my temper, so I bottle it up, and this released it, the earth took it from me and replaced it with LOVE which I passed onto the World…

A beautiful meditation and energy transfer.

I feel AMAZING πŸ™‚

Thank You Wyndi.

Love you