Childhood Memories

I shot this video after I’d complete some mindset training, I remembered an incident as a child day that defined me in a big way and wanted to share with you. You can play it by clicking here too, ENJOY!
I really appreciate hearing from you.
Let me know if you ever have any questions and your thoughts on this video.

We all have fears and insecurities, and 'most' of them were created when we were kids, I remembered this 'incident' from my childhood, that has run my life.

Do you have such memories or have you repressed them to allow you to get through Life, Are you just surviving life?

Would you like to thrive in life instead?

If so I can assist, with a few simple distinctions we can uncover the memories that have created your limiting beliefs and fears.

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Fear Hunter - Childhood Memories
Have It All Coach Kevin Humphrey.