Are you stuck in life not sure how to get out of the situation?

alone in the world

Are you stuck in life not sure how to get out of the situation, whether it’s your relationships, fitness, finances or health, check out this amazing training on how to run your life



– Are you tired of pretending to be ok?
– Are you tired of hiding your feelings from others?
– Are you fed up living a life you don’t love?
– Are you sick and tired of feeling insecure?
– Are you ready to get over your shyness?
– Have you had it with being intimidated by life?
– Are you ready to be heard, after years of never being listened to?
– Are you done with low self-worth?
– Are you sick of feeling lonely?
– Do you want to celebrate how different you are?
– Are you done with being judged and judging others?
– Are you fed up being misunderstood?
– Are you ready to stop being afraid?
– Are ready to stop feeling inadequate?
– Are you ready to stop wearing your mask?
– Are you ready to feel loved?
– Do you want awesome relationships?
– Are you ready to be seen?
– Do You Love growing your mind?
– Do you want to stop feeling so rushed?
– Do you want to learn how to have peace in your life?
– Are you ready to stop arguing with the voice in your head?
– Are you now ready to stop feeling so overwhelmed?
– Is it time to stop the self-destructive cycles?
– Is it time to remember who you truly are and remember your purpose?

If you are a Hell YES! to any of these, you are ready for the Have It All Coaching  come on in and learn more at


My name is Kevin Humphrey, (Kev), I offer coaching to individuals and groups, it can be in person, though more often nowadays it’s via a video call.

I have happy clients in the USA, Europe, Australia and Hong Kong, all have found a breakthrough in their lives.

Some have forgiven themselves and others, and now have amazing relationships, others have overcome shyness and become confident enough to organise 200 people on a beach clean up, others have removed self-limiting beliefs and gone on to start that dream job…

What can I assist you with?

Learn more about the Free to paid options at

Cheers & Much Love

Kev xx
Have It All Coach

“The Human Face Is After All, Nothing More Nor Less Than A Mask”….

“Do They Love You, Or The Mask You Put On Every day?”

“That’s What I’m Afraid Of, Not Being Enough, Not Good Enough, Not Smart Enough, Not Pretty Enough…. NOT ENOUGH”…..

Weird Secret Recipe To Success

Sexify being weird

How many times do you feel yourself holding back around people? Do you ever feel uncomfortable because you feel the pressure to fit in?

Chances are that’s what’s holding you back. You’re forcing yourself to conform, when in truth you are an outlier. Your mind doesn’t work like everyone else’s, and that’s what makes you special.

The people we most respect and look up to are those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. It’s the people who aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and beliefs.

I need to make it clear though, it’s not people who are looking for confrontation or a fight. You still need to have an open mind, but you have to be comfortable with being yourself.

Be comfortable with being weird – CLICK TO SEE ORIGINAL Or Play below.

Energy Clearing Meditation

Energy Clearing Meditation

Sometimes in life, actually more often nowadays, or am I more in tune to seeing it?, I find life flows and it’s perfect and complete – synchronicities occur.

Such a moment occurred this week, a friend from a coaching course we attended contacted me and I reminded her of a ‘reunion’ call, which she attended and glowed her magnificence on.

However back to the story 🙂

We caught up and had a few laptop issues, the sound went, then connection tried Facebook instead of Zoom and then eventually got onto another laptop and zoom call and continued, after 90 minutes of catching up my friend Wyndi offered an energy clearing meditation.


I summarise here:

We started with me having in mind something, where I thought it needed something to shift.

I had in mind the house sale, as it fell through 4 days from completion last year and it’s on sale again, and we’ve had some issue around renters allowing access, which had caused some concern and it’s sale ‘feels’ like it is holding our lives up….

So the meditation, guided by Wyndi, started with that thought held in my mind and then a breathing exercise, then imagining a light 300 ft above my head, that light flowing into my head and slowly throughout my entire body, limb by limb, and then down into the centre of the planet into the molten core.

As it went to the centre of the planet I was to imagine the concerns I had, to be taken with it and left there, and that Love flowed back up and filled my body.

I then was to imagine that Love flowing up to me to my heart then out from me to the area around me, and then the village, then the country and the continent and then the world and whole planet.

I was then to imagine that concern being attach to me and I was to imagine a pair of scissors that could cut that attachment.

I had a beautiful image in my mind’s eye of a multi-layered steel cable, that was molten like flowing lava, attached to the left side of my heart.

As Wyndi instructed me, my body temperature rose and my palms become very wet and my body sweated under the imagined heat of the core and molten steel cable flowing to my heart.

I took the strong cable cutting scissors and strand by strand slowly cut the molten steel bonds to my heart, it made my heart hurt, yet I did each stand until almost all were gone, a few stubborn ones remained, yet the grip was less and it feels now like they let go.

I spoke the mantra: Numerous times….




At the end of the cutting away, I felt an overall feeling of peace and I understood the feeling to be a total loss of ‘Anger’…

As I sat and thought about the ‘Anger’, I realised all the places I had stored the anger in my body, rather than letting it pass and rise from me.

I’m AFRAID of Anger and the consequences of losing my temper, so I bottle it up, and this released it, the earth took it from me and replaced it with LOVE which I passed onto the World…

A beautiful meditation and energy transfer.

I feel AMAZING 🙂

Thank You Wyndi.

Love you





A Different Method To Become 40lbs Lighter

A Different Way to Be 40lbs lighter

Do you want to lose those extra pounds?

Yes, of course, you would prefer to be thinner, fit and healthy..

And like me no doubt you’ve dieted and been successful and then the chips and curry arrive and again and again and in no time what took months to shift is all back and more and so you cycle through the lose, gain, lose, gain, gain, lose, gain and now your multiple pounds over the ideal…

I want to serve you a spinning curveball – An ACE….

Stop dieting and change you MIND!

Someone said the other day that once the mind is calm and at peace, it is amazing how many pounds just shift themselves.

Now if I've lost you so be it if you are still here let me explain.

As I said I'd dieted and gained over and over and was now 110KG ( new scales only show Kilo's, right pain, and that's how it is in UK now !! - its 242lb or 17.3 Stones ).

I joined a study community to learn internet marketing and part of it was about mindset, and to cut a long story short I meet two brothers, Guy and Ilan Ferdman who run SatoriPrime, both fit, buff and good looking :).

And I joined one of their mindset courses and before you know it I was reading more, watching less TV, exercising easily, start meditation ( I know I thought hippy too!) and started to understand diet more and over the next few years I've shifted the weight of disappointment, lack of self-worth and ultimately over 40lbs of body weight.

I'm still losing weight and love Juicing ( I know I thought it taste like Sh*t too until I tried it - imagine a 'McSomething thick milkshake - and healthy and tastier and you have it - on 'most' of the juices, yes some do still get my Argh reaction too ).

So, how does this help you?

Guy and Ilan have super fit bodies and they do that with an awesome morning routine, I'd like to introduce you to that, I follow it now too and it ROCKS!.

Guy Ferdman looks Buff!
Guy Ferdman looks Buff!


Here is Guy, looks buff 🙂

I'm heading for that look, watch this space.

So to grab you Prime Your Day Morning routine click this link and Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your aunt and you too will soon be lighter ...

Good Luck

Let me know your results

Much Love

Kev xx



Be A Fear Hunter

Become A Fear Hunter

Do You Find Yourself In Constant FEAR ….

Fear To Act
Fear To Talk
Fear To Leave Your Comfort Zone
Fear To Be The True You
Fear To Standout
Fear To Leave The Secure Job
Fear To Start That Business You Always Wanted To Start
Fear To Invest In Yourself
Fear Of The Future
Fear Of The Past
Fear Of Life…

Become A Fear Hunter, Learn how to live a life with Fear still in place, yet find within yourself the courage to face al the fears, because on the other side of fear is FREEDOM.

Learn how to become a Fear Hunter with me, Kevin the Original ‘Fear Hunter’ at

Are you Fearful? Are you Intimidated? Are you Unsettled?

Are you Fearful? Are you intimidated? Are you unsettled?
  • Do you feel Fearful of lots of areas of life?
  • Do you feel Intimated by life?
  • Do you feel Unsettled in your life?

That is where a Have It All Coach can assist you to see that you really are Whole, Perfect and Complete. We will help you to remember that for yourself, so that in time you will;

  • Be A Fear Hunter
  • Gain Confidence in all areas of your life
  • Feel Calm in all circumstances
Free 30 Minute Consultation
Free 30 Minute Consultation

Gabrielle Berstein Judgement Detox and Tapping Video

Gabrielle Berstein - Judgement Detox

I’ve been reading the latest book from Gabrielle Berstein and it’s REALLY resonating with me, it is called “Judgement Detox”.

Gabrielle Berstein - Judgement Detox
Gabrielle Berstein – Judgement Detox



A blog post on the Gabrielle Berstein website talks about Tapping and it is something I’ve never tried before, though I had seen it and judged it to not be for me, I tried it and went from a 10 to a 2!

To understand it more check out the blog post:

“In this video I guide you through a session of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is also known as tapping.

EFT is a psychological acupressure technique that supports your emotional and physical health. It combines the cognitive benefits of therapy with the physical benefits of acupuncture to restore your energy and heal your emotions. And it’s very easy — you just stimulate certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

One thing I really love about tapping on judgment is that it heals deep wounds without asking you to dredge up old memories or relive trauma. Healing judgment requires a lot of courage on our part, because underneath every judgment we make is a core wound. Even the most minor and seemingly insignificant judgments stem from our own shame and shadows.

I’ve found that tapping is one of the most powerful ways to bust through the blocks, relieve physical pain, release phobias and heal the negative emotions behind traumatic experiences. It’s also easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Through the process of tapping you can experience miraculous shifts — and the shifts can happen fast.

Tweet: My willingness to honor my wounds is what has helped me create significant, sustainable change in my judgmental patterns and in my life. @gabbybernstein #spiritjunkie #judgmentdetox

In my own process of recovering from judgment, honoring my wounds has been the most important step. My willingness to honor my wounds is what has helped me create significant, sustainable change in my judgmental patterns and in my life.

I’ll be honest: I resisted this practice at first. I wanted to push past the wounds and just get rid of the judgment altogether. But that doesn’t work. If we don’t honor the wounds and the energetic patterns that dwell beneath our judgment, they will keep coming up — over and over and over again. And once I began tapping on judgment and shame, I felt such incredible relief that my resistance melted away.

If you are ready to begin healing judgment, watch this beautiful tapping video from my new digital course, The Secret to Living a Better Life. In this video we tap on judgment.

Here’s how it works:”


What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?
How often do you wonder what a Coach does?
I often have this conversation.
Q. What Do You Do?
A: I’m A Have It All Coach
Q. So You’re a life coach?
A: At 52 years young you could call me that, And then again what does life coach mean to you?
To me the coaching I provide impacts ALL the areas of your life, the goal is to remind you that you are already whole and complete and perfect!
Yes, NOTHING needs fixing!
I will be your guide, think Sherpa, And the journey we go on will remind you, that you already knew it and had just forgotten.
Together we will review your life and see why you have some areas that you feel stuck in.
We will initially work on one area and that will impact ALL the others, because the way you do one thing, is the way you do Everything.
One of my coaches recently said:
“It has been a truly momentous journey for me, There is no other place where I can put my hand on my heart and say I have had major breakthroughs. The journey has been the most amazing experience of my life. Xx”
After 34 years in the corporate world and part-time coaching with my clients, I have jumped out of the day job and I am now available as a fulltime coach. I am following my true passion at last!
So, I have time for you….
Free 30 Minute Consultation
Free 30 Minute Consultation
If you have any area of life that you feel stuck in or want to understand how Magical you already are;
Much Love
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We can all manifest our wishes – you watch – I’m looking to place 50 New Souls into the Coaching over the coming 3 months…..